The OI is cool, mainly because it has lots of switches and flashing lights and can be connected to even more switches and lights. It's a useful input box since it has many analog and digital inputs and is easy to connect to anything with a serial port. Read more »

FRC Radios


The IFI radios are Ewave SCREAMER422 radios. They transmit at 9600 bps and have a serial RS-422 (not RS-232!) interface that runs at 19200 bps. There is documentation on Ewave's site that covers their whole range of radio modems, but it doesn't provide enough information about the SCREAMER422 to actually use it. Read more »

Old FRC Electronics


The FIRST Robotics Competition is a competition held anually in which high school teams, with corporate or college mentors, play some game remotely with robots. This is a really big series of events. Read more »

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