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Quadrotor rev 3


I am designing a complete rebuild of the quadrotor.  The new design will focus on minimizing weight while integrating the sensors and processing needed for autonomous flight. Where revision 2 used a Wiimote and offboard processing, revision 3 will use an IMU-3000 and ADXL-345 for inertial sensing and a Gumstix Overo Fire module for processing. The same motors and battery will be used. The motor drivers and propellers will be reused initially, but may be replaced later. Read more »

Quadrotor rev 2


Rebuilt from revision 1. A Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus is used for inertial sensing. The electronics consist of an RC receiver, motor drivers, and the Wiimote. Control calculations are done on a desktop computer which receives inerial measurements from the Wiimote over bluetooth and sends motor commands through a modified RC transmitter. This adds latency which may be a major cause of the trouble I'm having keeping the aircraft stable.

Total weight: 1446g.

Block diagram:

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Quadrotor rev 1


First attempt: full manual control.  This was a complete failure.  Also I forgot to save a place for the battery, which had to be mounted off-center, making matters worse.

Video Read more »

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